Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Popular iPhone 4S Provides A Console Like Gaming Experience

The Apple iPhone 4S is an ideal smartphone for gaming. This is thanks to some very capable hardware in conjunction with games which can be downloaded from the AppStore.

The iPhone 4S features a number of hardware specifications which contribute to its capabilities as a gaming device. Among these is the screen. The 'retina' display on the handset is renowned for its display quality; in fact it gets its name due to the fact that the human eye cannot distinguish between the individual pixel s on the screen. The brightness and colour rendering of the 3.5 inch LED backlit IPS screen also contributes to ensuring that the graphics of the games are among the best of any smartphone, and is surprisingly similar to those of a game played on a console platform. The screen is also the means by which games are controlled. The responsiveness of the screen means that controls are intuitive and easy to use.