Monday, October 10, 2011

How Design And Camera Features May Differ On The Samsung Galaxy S3 And The Original Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to be the newest model introduced into the popular Galaxy range of mobile devices. This model is set to boast some of the highest mobile specification possible in almost every department. We look at what to expect from this model and see how that differs from what was featured on the original Galaxy S device in 2010.

The first thing that many consumers notice when looking at a mobile device is its design. An attractive phone immediately grabs the attention of the consumer so manufacturers are constantly trying to develop the slimmest phones possible for this reason. When the original Galaxy S was launched back in 2010 it was the slimmest device on the market with an overall depth of just 9.9mm. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to offer a depth of just 7mm which really does sound impressive. Improvements in screen and battery technology have enabled developers to offer more features in a chassis that is smaller than ever. It also looks likely that this new model may be the first Galaxy device that does not feature a plastic back panel. Samsung have always used this strong plastic on their devices as it is cheap to produce and offers great durability at a minimal weight. The problem was however that many users commented that this material made the phone feel and look quite cheap. It is rumoured that the new S3 will feature a ceramic back panel in an attempt to make the device appeal on an aesthetic level. Thanks to this new material together with the larger screen it is likely that the overall weight will increase from the 119 grammes that was offered on the Galaxy S.