Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Blackberry Curve 9380 Offers BBM Music

The Blackberry Curve 9380 offers BBM Music for the perfect music downloading and enjoyment along with the ability to share what you have with your contacts. The innovative BBM messaging service combines with the music player and downloads app to form an incredible entertainment application and feature for the device.

The latest BBM application available for the Blackberry 7 operating system which this handset runs provides this great intuitive and social music feature allowing you to share and discover more music to add to our smartphone. Available on other handsets with BBM too, like the Blackberry Curve 9360 by name, this application allows you to choose 50 songs form over a million tracks and then make new friends over BBM. Once you have a new friend you can each share your 50 tracks and add what you like to your own playlists on your phone. The more friends you make over the secure messaging service, the more music you can hear and add to your playlists. You can then also build playlists and share them over the application too. Listening is easy and can be done from anywhere, as playlists from others can be stored on your on device, allowing you to keep listening when not connected.

Connectivity on the Curve 9380 is great with a simple and traditional 3.5 millimetre audio jack connector for stereo earphones as well as Bluetooth capability for a stereo headset to wirelessly pump your music to your ears. The music player offers a simple and easy to use interface which you control through simple touch gestures on the all-touch 3.2 inch display and works fast thanks to the 806 megahertz processing power and impressive random access memory also featured. Turn the interface between portrait and landscape to view your tracks with album artwork and sorted by playlists, genres, artists and more.

The BBM Music app doesn't stop once you are sharing apps though. It continuously allows you to swap 25 of your 50 original tracks for new ones form the extensive 9 million tracks plus, library, so you can always be up to date with the latest music. You can create playlists for all sorts of events and situations, such as individual trips, parties or other occasions and share them instantly with friends, and chat about them through BBM.

With such impressive features such as the BBM Music service offering you both a music and social experience through this sleekly designed handset, you can be sure to enjoy more music with your friends. You can have it all through a completely touch experience on the Blackberry Curve 9380 too.

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